Poulet épicé

Une petite recette facile pour le vendredi soir, avec ce que vous avez dans l'armoire et le frigo. Ingrédients Poulet 4 poitrines de poulet désossées et sans peau 2 c. à soupe d'huile d'olive pour dorer le poulet Sel et poivre Assaisonnement 1/8 T huile d'olive 1 c. à soupe de moutarde de Dijon 1... Continue Reading →

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Molasses is the Secret Ingredient for Making that Tasty Brow Chinese Macaroni you Only Dreamed Of.

Ever wondered what to put in that macaroni to make it look and taste exactly like the one you ate at the Chinese restaurant/buffet? I did. First, I thought soy sauce was the secret, turns out it is only part of the solution. Way too salty to be the only ingredient browning the macaroni... hum... let's WordPress it!

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How to be a leader

http://www.youtube.com/watch I have to share this video that I found on LinkedIn today. This is a well invested 4ish minutes of your time, maybe the best 4 minutes of the week. This gentleman is talking about positive leadership in the workplace, providing real examples. This is totally translatable in communities and in your family. Being... Continue Reading →

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La trop facile trempette pour légumes!

C'est l'été et "on a pas le temps de cuisiner!" Invités de dernière minute? Oui! Crudités au frigo? Check! Trempette? Oh, oh. Pas de panique! Trempette aux 4 ingrédients pour l'été. Ingrédients A parts égales: yogourt nature, fromage ricotta, mayonnaise. Au goût: moutarde de Dijon. Bien sûr, sel et poivre. Mélangez, laissez reposer quelques minutes... Continue Reading →

for my brothers and sisters – Kailey Arthurson, Guest Blogger

for my brothers and sisters – Kailey Arthurson, Guest Blogger http://teaandbannock.com/2018/02/24/for-my-brothers-and-sisters-kailey-arthurson-guest-blogger/ — À lire sur teaandbannock.com/2018/02/24/for-my-brothers-and-sisters-kailey-arthurson-guest-blogger/ To read. Save it for later if now is not a good time for openness and reflection. A must read for a better understanding and a step forward into reconciliation. Thank you.

I remembered the tree and the tree remembered me

I remembered the tree and the tree remembered me http://kindredmag.com/2018/02/14/i-remembered-the-tree-and-the-tree-remembered-me/ — À lire sur kindredmag.com/2018/02/14/i-remembered-the-tree-and-the-tree-remembered-me/ I had to reblog this story as so many of us feel like they're invisible to the world despite all the light they bring to this world. Read this attentively, it's full of comfort and is lovely.

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