Un poème cliché sur le vif

Quand le ciel et la mer s’unissent dans les cieux, ils nous rappellent l’immensité et la profondeur de l’harmonie.

Ils nous rapportent à l’essentiel, à la nécessité de se taire pour observer.

Ils nous enseignent qu’une contemplation peut devenir une méditation.

Ils nous entraînent dans le moment présent parce que cette grandiosité est une synchronicité parfaite des éléments: lumière, noirceur, angle, reflet et ouverture.

Elle n’est pas éternelle.

Comme nous.

Comme nos enfants.

Comme l’équilibre.

Soyez bons, dans l’instant présent. Offrez le meilleur de vous-même à chaque instant. Soyez cette perfection immortalisée dans la poésie de ce cliché.

L’océan a pris d’assaut le ciel.

Nous sommes des poussières dans l’univers; aussi bien virevolter dans la lumière pour s’émerveiller devant combien la magie opère pour l’enfant en nous.


L’automne qui pointe son nez, la nature qui prépare ces plus beaux arrangements; c’est la saison du vent, c’est la saison des changements d’énergies.

On troc la fébrilité et l’excitation des vacances et de la chaleur pour les préparatifs à l’hibernation.

On ferme la piscine. On range les chaises longues et on fait la dernière tonte du gazon.

On cuisine, on popote, on prépare à l’avance. On cherche le réconfort dans la bouffe, le thé, les feux de foyer et les draps de flanellette.

Dehors, ça sent la neige. On sait que l’hiver appelle à devenir la prochaine saison. On sait qu’il est long et rigoureux, mais comment l’éviter?


« There is a whole world out there that used to interest you!? »

Yeah, I temporarily switched my priorities. Outside-in.

Suivre le rythme

En un claquement de doigts,

La nature se changea.

Passa de la tenue colorée

À la tenue blanche,

Sans remord ni regret.

La vie est un cycle,

Ne vous accrochez pas au passé.

Devenez comme le vent,

Embrassez l’horizon.

Conceiving a baby, conceiving a future: ups and downs and a few free tips.

Winning the lottery

Conceiving a baby is something tricky just like winning the lottery.  Did you know that, and even in the best conditions, you have 25% chances of getting pregnant on the most fertile days?  This was not something that I was aware of when I got pregnant with my fist son.  It took us less than 2 months before I tested positive. Yay!

Now, it’s different for us. We are trying to conceive a second time and it’s been couple of months, so I could not help myself but to surf the net for different reasons.  For starter, I got symptoms of early pregnancy at my last two cycles.  Especially this time where I tested negative a dozen times plus on the blood test that turned out to be negative. Now, I know some people will testify that they tested negative until their body actually showed they were pregnant, but for now I think I am just crazy. I was before wanting to have a baby, I don’t see why it would have changed after giving birth to my first son.

Pregnancy Tests – Home Tests

tests newkids website

If you are like me, this floating period of uncertainty between conception and periods will drive you nuts. If you are too excited (not to say crazy up the wall) to get pregnant, you will pause to « listen to your body » and feel all potential changes in your general health condition. And folks, that is dangerous!  You body could tell you the truth and you might not want to listen OR your body could play mind games with you. That trickster! The best way to find out is to keep busy until your next periods. If they don’t show up, you might be lucky enough to be pregnant.

It’s a long run (2 weeks or a little more) before you can take the pregnancy tests and produce enough hCG hormones to have reliable results.  If you test too soon, the home test will be negative. Good thing is that after implantation, the level of hormone doubles up each day. For my first son, I tested 4 times before the positive result.  This time, I tested so many times that I had moments full of hope (and eating everything that I am craving for because, oh well, I am pregnant); and other times where I feel disoriented and confused because it is not yet the time for testing and deep down I know it might not be it….

Speaking of Testing with a capital « T ». I found myself to be very compulsive with the testing. (Me!?) As months go by, I am thinking I should buy tests at the dollar store if I don’t want to end up ruined (rolling eyes). Maybe that’s just me but I am pretty sure I am not the only one ;). Soooo, next time, I will at least wait to skip my period before I do a 6035ab2979f96a7446cf6c0505b65c38--pregnancy-announcement-dog-new-baby-announcementsdarn test and probably divorce because my boyfriend will not want to stay with the crazy old lady… and oh yeah, I am 37. To keep me busy, I read about pregnancy (obsessive, me?!).

Check out this website if you want tips on how to get pregnant and what should you consider.

So, here are the websites I found the information I wanted about tests:

Here are the websites I found the information I wanted about when actually do the test:

A Few Tips

If you don’t like to read that much, let me summarize for you.  Here are a few tips that I gathered on different reliable websites:

  1. Have fun with your partners and agree on how disciplined you want your couple to be to make this happen. This will save you some arguments or crisis.
  2. Take care of yourself before getting pregnant
    • eat well
    • exercise
    • have fun
    • breathe
    • dance to shake the stress away or whatever your thing is
  3. Drink water
  4. Take folic acid (before and during pregnancy)
  5. Check your cervical mucus, ovulation cycles are different for every woman. Eggwhite-like consistency is a pretty good indicator you are ovulating.mucus cycles
  6. Stay positive. It will happen, either naturally or with a little push.  Keep calm and make this baby!
  7. Technology at your Service. There’s an app for that!

Some phone App will help you track your cycles and even send your reminders of important days with regards to ovulation. My favorites are Flo and Glow:


Lastly, there is a bunch of websites and forum about pregnancy.  I just love the Baby Centre Website. They have so much information available and a positive way to word it. When you’ll become pregnant, even more when you’ll be pregnant of your first child, you will love the Pregnancy section where you learn all about how you and your baby transforms into a family.

My Wishes to You

I wish you good health and luck if you are trying to conceive. I would love to hear about your story and how it goes for you. Please comment and share this post for all the women out there wishing to catch a little of angel dust.

Le printemps| Spring

136892068_15157997711341nPendant que les voiliers de bernaches s’évaporaient derrière le brouillard, je sentis une nouvelle saison de ma vie venir à moi comme une chaude brise d’été.

As the flocks of geese were flying out to another world through the nebula, I sensed this new season coming to me like a warm summer breeze. 



LEGO Makes Me a Better Mom

LEGO Makes Me a Better Mom

LEGO Makes Me a Better Mom

— À lire sur www.fruitsaladfarm.com/2018/02/21/lego-family-night/

Totally true. Legos are awesome to shift from being an adult to being a kid again. Love them! Euh… my kid loves them! 🤪

When the lights go off

Night time

I have never been a real morning person. I fake it because life is requesting of me that the days begin early. And it’s fine. I enjoy doing a lot of things in the morning to relax a bit in the afternoon, « savourer » a little sleep in a sun ray.

Every moment count

I have become a mother not so long ago and my cycles (day-night-sleep) have changed. Ever since, I realize everyday how life is about small things and my ability to make every moment count. For example, we I come home at night with my son, we don’t have much time together before he goes to bed. So, what do I do? I play with him until dinner time. I leave my phone in a drawer somewhere (unless I take pictures) and I am fully present with him, for us both. I don’t want to be angry at Time. I am presently reconsidering some choices that I made to allow me to spend more family time… I will get there.

After dinner it’s bath time and, then, we play again. Finally, he goes to bed and my wounded torture mother heart feels better because the evening mattered.

I apply the same mindfulness concept for myself. When the lights go off, it is the time for me to connect with my soul and to bond with nature.

Sometimes it happens all in my head when I review the day and consider if my decisions are align with my plan. Mostly in summer, I will enjoy a small walk in the warmth of the night to recharge my battery and connect with magic and mystery.

Connecting with myself every night has always helped me to stay strong and captain of my destiny. I am not alone now but I will never give up on Me and will continue to date myself every night. For my own good.

Becoming a Better Positive Person for your Kids

Raising kids is also about what we want them to remember when we’ll be gone. It makes me cry when I really think of it but it will happen sooner or later…

So, I am thinking, the next thing I would like my kids to remember after everyone deserves to be respected (you first), would be how to keep a positive focus on life.  That requires discipline, efforts and training.

I found this challenge on Pinterest and found it would be a good place to start.



Are you ready for the challenge? Let’s do this!