Un poème cliché sur le vif

Quand le ciel et la mer s’unissent dans les cieux, ils nous rappellent l’immensité et la profondeur de l’harmonie.

Ils nous rapportent à l’essentiel, à la nécessité de se taire pour observer.

Ils nous enseignent qu’une contemplation peut devenir une méditation.

Ils nous entraînent dans le moment présent parce que cette grandiosité est une synchronicité parfaite des éléments: lumière, noirceur, angle, reflet et ouverture.

Elle n’est pas éternelle.

Comme nous.

Comme nos enfants.

Comme l’équilibre.

Soyez bons, dans l’instant présent. Offrez le meilleur de vous-même à chaque instant. Soyez cette perfection immortalisée dans la poésie de ce cliché.

L’océan a pris d’assaut le ciel.

Nous sommes des poussières dans l’univers; aussi bien virevolter dans la lumière pour s’émerveiller devant combien la magie opère pour l’enfant en nous.

When the lights go off

Night time

I have never been a real morning person. I fake it because life is requesting of me that the days begin early. And it’s fine. I enjoy doing a lot of things in the morning to relax a bit in the afternoon, « savourer » a little sleep in a sun ray.

Every moment count

I have become a mother not so long ago and my cycles (day-night-sleep) have changed. Ever since, I realize everyday how life is about small things and my ability to make every moment count. For example, we I come home at night with my son, we don’t have much time together before he goes to bed. So, what do I do? I play with him until dinner time. I leave my phone in a drawer somewhere (unless I take pictures) and I am fully present with him, for us both. I don’t want to be angry at Time. I am presently reconsidering some choices that I made to allow me to spend more family time… I will get there.

After dinner it’s bath time and, then, we play again. Finally, he goes to bed and my wounded torture mother heart feels better because the evening mattered.

I apply the same mindfulness concept for myself. When the lights go off, it is the time for me to connect with my soul and to bond with nature.

Sometimes it happens all in my head when I review the day and consider if my decisions are align with my plan. Mostly in summer, I will enjoy a small walk in the warmth of the night to recharge my battery and connect with magic and mystery.

Connecting with myself every night has always helped me to stay strong and captain of my destiny. I am not alone now but I will never give up on Me and will continue to date myself every night. For my own good.

Becoming a Better Positive Person for your Kids

Raising kids is also about what we want them to remember when we’ll be gone. It makes me cry when I really think of it but it will happen sooner or later…

So, I am thinking, the next thing I would like my kids to remember after everyone deserves to be respected (you first), would be how to keep a positive focus on life.  That requires discipline, efforts and training.

I found this challenge on Pinterest and found it would be a good place to start.



Are you ready for the challenge? Let’s do this!